offering you a new dimension in healthcare

Combining my skills and passion to support you on your wellness experience, bio-resonance can offer you a new dimension in healthcare – showing you what steps you need to take towards a healthier future.

Homeopathy, vibrational essences and other healing modalities are part of an extensive tool box at my disposal.

After over 35 years in roles such as, a senior nurse within the NHS and more recently a care home manager. I have decided to venture forth on what I know will be an amazing journey.

I had many health challenges in my life which although unpleasant at the time have eventually become a blessing as they led me along a different healing path -exploring new options to feel well.

Along this road I met bio- resonance, which I hadn’t heard of before, homeopathy and flower essences. All these modalities come under the collective term – Energy or Vibrational Medicine.

In 2007 I undertook a Bachelor of science degree in Homeopathy qualifying in 2011. I am currently almost at the end of a diploma in flower essences and vibrational medicine, which in many ways has been life changing.

I started seeing a bio-resonance therapist in 2002 and this was transformative for me.

In 2018 I realised a dream and finally purchased an Eductor Device which is the latest model from QX World KFT. I know that I can help you on your journey to wellness with these tools , as well as the passion I have to help everyone to feel the best that they can.

I have been working as a care home manager for the last 5 years but now I want to put all my energy into creating my healing business and giving my clients the benefit of my unique experiences and skills .

I put most of my energies into work and studying but I do think it is important to aim for balance and eating well and exercising is also important to me. I believe that we can take responsibility for our own physical and mental health wellbeing.

My caring, kind, loyal nature will see me build a healing relationship with you and will support you along your journey to wellness, this is my passion.