• Treatments conducted by Radiant Health Hub are not a substitute for proper medical diagnosis and treatment.  At no time will a client be encouraged to stop medical treatment or reduce or change their prescription drugs without prior discussion with a GP or consultant first. It is also the client’s responsibility to consult with their GP regarding any health concerns they may have.
  • During a client consultation we will need to collect personal sensitive information, with your consent, regarding health and lifestyle which is important for our client-therapist relationship and will be used to personalised treatments.   This information is strictly confidential.  We will maintain its accuracy by updating it as advised by the client.
  • Radiant Health Hub will keep any private information provided secure and strictly confidential with the exception of any information which, if withheld, may result in danger to the client or others.
  • You have a right to request access to information that we hold on you.

Please feel free to ask for further information